Roheet Kakaday
Medical Student, OHSU

About Me

Roheet Kakaday likes to classify himself as a technophile, amateur futurist, and an interdisciplinarian. First and foremost, though, he is a student; specifically, a medical student working towards his MD. 

Roheet's days are usually filled with studying, thought experiments, and bouts of entrepreneurial inspiration. He thrives on brainstorming creative ways of making processes better - in every sense of the word. Lean On - an agency that connects med students to premeds - is his first venture.

Earning a degree in bioengineering with area studies in political science and history from the University of California, San Diego, Roheet now hones his skills at the Oregon Health & Sciences University School of Medicine

His writing has been featured on sites such as KevinMD, Wing of Zock, the official OHSU Student Blog, and more.

At Medicine X 2015

Wednesday, September 23 9:30 am (Plenary Hall)
Moderated Panel Discussion
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