Michelle Litchman
Wasatch Internal Medicine

About Me

I am working in a private practice as a family nurse practitioner specializing in diabetes care in adult and geriatric populations. My research examines peer health in the diabetes online community.

At Medicine X 2015

Thursday, September 24 11:55 am (QCCA)
The fakebetes challenge: the patient as educator
One of the most difficult topics to teach is the real-life challenges of living with a chronic condition. Healthcare providers and students don’t typically fully understand what it is like to live with... Read more
Sunday, September 27 1:20 pm (LK 120)
Older adults taking hold of their health: Technologies that foster transparancy and engagement (OpenNotes, online communities, and apps)
As people age they are engaging increasingly with technology in order to manage their health, better understand illness, and make informed choices about care.  Evolving technologies allow older adults... Read more
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