Katherine Stephenson
Stanford University

About Me

Between obtaining her MS in Biomechanical Engineering and returning to complete a Phd, Kate spent ten years in the medical device industry as a Senior Design Engineer and Project Manager. She has worked on over eighteen different devices, ranging from insulin pumps to annuloplasty rings. She recently completed a two year stay as the Resident Clinical Bioengineer at Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital Gait and Motion Lab, where she advised on complex orthopedic surgery cases. Currently part of Stanford's Center for Design Research, her current research is focused on leveraging new fabrication technologies to advance the development of under served, niche market medical devices.

At Medicine X 2015

Saturday, September 26 11:05 am (LK 130)
3D printing: Moving from case study to common practice
While almost any clinician or engineer can recall a case study in the last five years that highlights a remarkable application of additive manufacturing to a medical challenge, far fewer would be able... Read more
Sunday, September 18 10:25 am (Upper Lobby)
Rethinking digital design tool education for the non-traditional Innovator: teaching CAD to nurses
For most of the last century, new product innovation has been limited to the realm of professional designers and engineers. With a more recent focus on end user experience and needs, clinician and patient... Read more
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