Kenneth Weingardt
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

About Me

I'm a clinical psychologist with a passion for using internet and mobile technologies to improve behavioral health.  I speak both mental health and IT, and often serve as liaison between experts in cognitive-behavioral therapies and software developers who are building web and mobile applications for patients and providers.  I have deep experience and incredible enthusiasm for developing innovative products that use technology to make a difference in people's lives

I provide ongoing consultation to Stanford faculty and other academic researchers exploring how online and mobile technologies can improve behavioral health. I have extensive experience with Program Evaluation and Implementation Science methods, and find that they can help to understand the contextual factors that drive the sustained adoption of new technologies.

At Medicine X 2015

Saturday, September 26 4:30 pm (LK 101)
How mobile and internet technologies can disrupt and improve behavioral health services: Lessons from abroad
Innovative mobile and web applications designed to support evidence-based behavioral health practices are having a disruptive influence on mental health service delivery systems around the world. These... Read more
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