Sara Riggare
Self-tracking ePatient and PhD candidate, Karolinska Institute

About Me

Sara Riggare is an engineer and an unusually engaged patient. She was diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson’s Disease in 2003 when she was just 32. After learning she had Parkinson’s, Sara used her engineering and passion for measurement to better understand her disease.

At Medicine X 2015

Thursday, September 24 1:10 pm (Deck A)
Design Thinking for Chronic Condition Patient Engagement
Dennis Boyle, Dr. Ann Lindsay, Dr. Alan Glaseroff and Sara Riggare will team up for a 3-hour mini workshop that is based on the teaching and research that we are doing.Dennis, Ann and Alan have worked... Read more
Saturday, September 26 12:05 pm (LK 304)
Workshop: Is Sweden Creating the IKEA for Health?
Sweden is known around the world for IKEA, the Nobel Prize and social welfare. The Swedish government has taken a clear position in the area of e-health and the future of connected healthcare. In this... Read more
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