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Father, husband, brother, son, and palliative care physician, Dr. Fratkin is dedicated to the well being of his community. He has made his home and built his family in rural Northern California.  He has served his community as a foot soldier and a transformative voice for improving the experience of people facing the end of life. Dr. Fratkin has created ResolutionCare to bring capable and compassionate care to everyone, everywhere as they approach the completion of life. ResolutionCare innovates with technology and new models of value–driven incentives to bring greater quality of living to people with serious illness long before they are ready for hospice. The ResolutionCare team uses technology to restore tradition care in the home, to share expertise openly, and to empower people to plot their own course on their own terms.

At Medicine X 2015

Sunday, September 27 10:50 am (LK 130)
Showing up: Meta-spatial pallative care at home with telehealth
An electrified conversation is rising in our society about how we will care for each other as life approaches completion. Rather than collectively continuing to avert our gaze, we are turning our attention directly... Read more
Saturday, September 17 4:30 pm (LK 101)
Telemedicine and network creation to build capacity for palliative care to reach anyone that needs it.
ResolutionCare is a community based palliative care program with a meta-spatial vision of community using any available technology to bring compassionate and competent care to everyone everywhere as life... Read more
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