Danielle Edges
Medicine X ePatient Delegate

About Me

Stanford MedicineX epatient delegate 2015. Mom to two daughters, Alexandra and Aria, ages 7 and 6. Alexandra was born with Heterotaxy Syndrome, Complex Congenital Heart Defects, and Abernethy Malformation. Alexandra has undergone 5 heart surgeries and an abdominal surgery all before the age of 4. Passionate about advocacy for medically complex children, and the parents/caregivers that care for these children. Tweets, blogs, Facebook's her story daily. Not only is her story about her medically complex daughter, it is also about her journey as a Mother and how she deals with the ins and outs of the medical system. 

At Medicine X 2015

Sunday, September 27 10:50 am (LK 304)
Workshop: eHealth in the field of pediatrics
I believe that pediatrics is a special field of medicine. Discussions need to occur on how we can make it easier for parents and caregivers of medically complex children communicate with their child's... Read more
Sunday, September 18 1:30 pm (LK 101)
Ah-Ha! moments in mental health and chronic disease management
Mental health and chronic disease management are often interwoven topics in science. But what about the human side of the story? Whether or not individuals meet the diagnostic criteria for mental diagnoses,... Read more
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