Barbara Beskind
Tech Designer, IDEO

About Me

Beskind wanted to become an inventor but was told by her high school guidance counselor that women could not enroll in engineering courses. After a degree in home economics, she became an occupational therapist and served in the U.S. Army. She retired as a major after 44 years. Beskind has six patents for "inflatable devices that help children with balance issues."

In 2013, Beskind joined IDEO. Her work focuses on problems specific to the elderly. Her designs include inflatable wearable objects that are used to assist the elderly to safely break falls. She also has created eyeglasses that are designed with "cameras and speakers to help users remember peoples' names." She has also created the "trekker", a walking device. Her inventions and designs are inspired by her friends who are elderly and have balance challenges. Beskind herself has macular degeneration.

At Medicine X 2015

Friday, September 25 10:55 am (Plenary Hall)
Standing Main Stage Talk - Your life and work and factors to be considered when designing for older people
Friday, September 25 11:10 am (Plenary Hall)
Moderated Panel Discussion
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