Aleida Lanza

About Me

Aleida has over twenty years of litigation and trial support experience in State and Federal jurisdictions, including secure database management of complex business and mass tort litigation, electronic discovery, data collection, and network development. She has developed customized software solutions to various law firms seeking intuitive digital compliance with complex rules of procedure. She was e-filing in Federal Court when PACER was first available in DOS. As Co-Founder of Autism-U, her goal is to improve the treatment ratio for autism and its primary therapy, and promote education of parents and trained professionals by providing a seamless collaborative behavioral health management. She has introduced crowdsourced research and DIY individualized treatment in the applied science to inspire inherently deep meaningful use across IoT. Innovation changes every day, but the rules governing behavior do not, providing for the first true baseline program upon which all mHealth apps may operate to maximize best outcomes. Aleida likes to travel, and volunteer.

At Medicine X 2015

Sunday, September 27 1:20 pm (LK 130)
The DIY epatient: Democratizing science and health
The explosion of self-tracking apps and devices is de facto evidence we have been underestimating the ePatient’s ability to take control of their health in a meaningful way. These first steps toward... Read more
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