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Donna Cryer
CEO of Cryerhealth, Chair of American Liver Foundation

About Me

As a blogger (DCpatient), a member of the Society for Participatory Medicine, chair of the board of the American Liver Foundation, and CEO of CryerHealth, I communicate virtually and in-person with thousands of patients, patient advocates, and providers in disease states I am personally living with—ulcerative colitis, liver transplantation, infertility, autoimmune manifestations (arthritis, eczema)—and those I advise—cancer, kidney disease, chronic wounds. I have been recognized by the FDA, ONC, and patient associations as a leader on the e-patient space and take that role and commitment seriously to elevate the voice and perspective of patients throughout healthcare.

I want to immerse myself in innovative thinking and innovative people who are committed to transforming the role of patients in health and health care by changing thoughts, attitudes, technology, design, and systems.

I want to learn about new approaches and new solutions to challenges of patients, caregivers, and providers sharing with the many organizations and emerging companies with whom I interact. Of particular interest are strategies to encourage physician and health system adoption of new technologies and ways to link patient generated data and technologies to EMRs and the health system work stream.

Each one of us can use our own self-care and educate our own physicians to create a ripple effect that changes the entire system. Consider how may providers and practices a complex patient interacts with. These are all opportunities to reform the system. By organizing your information and translating your story, you can redefine the patient-provider relationship. I’m interested in focusing on the solutions to health care problems, and this starts by thinking globally and acting locally.

At Medicine X 2015

Friday, September 25 2:40 pm (Plenary Hall)
Moderated Panel Discussion
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