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Odie Fakhouri

About Me

Odie is an award-winning social entrepreneur. His hallmark is bringing capitalistic innovation to social issues that are typically approached by less agile non-profit organizations. As a visionary leader, Odie dives deep into offline, economic complexities of real world problems to design scalable, technology-driven solutions. Odie’s vision for LabCures is to create a back-end marketplace of research institutions and their labs (B2B) integrated with an intuitive, easy-to-find front-end utility for the crowd (B2C). The goal of LabCures is to empower consumers to immediately locate, directly support, and widely share a broad range of Health Science research. Odie earned his business degree and several innovation awards from Suffolk University's Sawyer Business School. He spent summers immersed in social policy at the University of London and the British House of Commons and at Harvard University studying cross-border innovation and international economics. As a market researcher, Odie spent his past two years at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging uncovering the intrinsic motivations of faculty scientists, post-doctoral researchers, development offices, donors and wet institution financiers to develop an alignment of interests. He called this alignment, LabCures. “The most marketable and valuable asset of any research institution is the brain power of its people. And the greatest potential beneficiary of their discoveries is the crowd. With LabCures, we developed a model to enhance the undervalued and under-explored relationship between scientists and consumers. We provide access for patients and families who lack influential offline networks by opening the doors to labs across the country online and showcasing the superhero stories of our innovators in full public view. The world is our audience. Our platform affects everyone, everywhere.”

At Medicine X 2015

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