John Magnus Roos

About Me

 John Magnus Roos received a PhD Psychology and an MBA. He is a Design Research Expert at Veryday.

At Medicine X 2015

Saturday, September 26 10:55 am (Lower Lobby - West)
Psychosocial influences on cancer: A Meta-Analytic Review
Background:Psychosocial factors among cancer patients have gained increased interest during the last decade (1 8, 9, 4). The idea is that psychosocial factors, such as personality traits and coping strategies,... Read more
Saturday, September 26 2:35 pm (Lower Lobby)
The Big Five Health-relevant Risk-factors: How different patients cope with cancer
Personality factors have gained increased interest in cancer research during the last decade. The patient´s personality seems to influence coping strategies related to the outcome of cancer, such as reaction... Read more
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