Lorena Macnaughtan
University of Nottingham

About Me

Lorena is the ICEEhealth Event Director, a new track dedicated to Digital Health at ICEEfest, Bucharest, Romania. ICEEfest is one of the biggest festivals for digital technologies in Central and Eastern Europe. Additionally, she is a scientific advisor to Omixy, a cool London digital health startup and she is writing up her thesis, a multidisciplinary approach to digital health, as a PhD candidate with the Horizon Digital Economy Institute, at the University of Nottingham.

Lorena has been very involved with the international digital health community for several years, and she has engaged with, presented at and moderated sessions during various international events – Stanford Medicine X, Doctors 2.0 & You, Interface Summit 2015, amongst others - as well as interacted with several private and public organizations, for both research and business purposes. Lorena’s views were published on various Digital Health and innovation platforms: Digital Catapult Centre, nuviun, Mayo Clinic Centre for Innovation, or Medtech Engine. Her website, www.lorenamacnaughtan.com, offers more on her research, events, and publications.

At Medicine X 2015

Saturday, September 26 3:05 pm (Lower Lobby - West)
Digital health: Vantage Points and the silent rise of the empowered patients
Sunday, September 18 9:15 am (LK 308)
Workshop: What Do I Want For My Genomic Life?
It has been argued that patient empowerment starts with patient education. Similarly, it has been argued that lay-people cannot understand aspects of their own medical data. In this context, we see an... Read more
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