James Rutherford
Grant Hospital

About Me

James Rutherford is the author of "Moral Foundations of United States Constitutional Democracy" and "Moral and Political Philosophy" and is the founder of  Top20.com, a general internet directory.

  • B.A. Harvard University 1964
  • Ohio State Medical School 1968
  • Albert Einstein College of Medicine Internship in Orthopedic Residency 1968-73
  • DeWitt Army Hospital 1973-75
  • Orthopedic Surgeon (multiple trauma) Columbus, Ohio 1975-present

At Medicine X 2015

Sunday, September 27 11:50 am (Lower Lobby - West)
Top20Health.com -- a better way to do information processing in healthcare.
The first objective or mission of Top20Health.com is to be a better way of doing information processing in healthcare for patients, students, and physicians with a global perspective. That is, the first... Read more
Saturday, September 17 2:30 pm (Lower Lobby)
Top20medicalschool.com, a curated open access directory of video lectures for the first two years of medical school
top20medicalschool.com is a curated (hand-selected), open access (free) directory of video lectures that cover the first two years of medical school. The video lectures are selected, reviewed, and aggregated... Read more
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