Howard Rheingold
Stanford University

About Me

Howard is the author of best-sellers Virtual RealityThe Virtual CommunitySmart Mobs, and Net Smart, editor of best-seller The Millennium Whole Earth CatalogHe’s a participant-observer in the design of new technologies, a pioneer, critic and forecaster of technology’s impacts, and a speaker who involves his audience in an adventure in group futurism.

At Medicine X 2015

Wednesday, September 23 8:30 am (Plenary Hall)
Opening Keynote
Howard Rheingold will kick off the Medicine X | Ed Wednesday symposium with his thoughts. Read more
Wednesday, September 23 1:30 pm (LK 304)
Masterclass on The emergence of socially networked and digitally informed ePatients
Critic, writer, and teacher Howard Rheingold, who is credited with inventing the term "virtual communities," will lead a masterclass on the various patient communities that have emerged recently, such... Read more
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