Marjorie Skubic
University of Missouri

About Me

Marjorie Skubic received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from Texas A&M University, where she specialized in distributed telerobotics and robot programming by demonstration. She is currently a Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Missouri with a joint appointment in Computer Science. In addition to her academic experience, she has spent 14 years working in industry on real-time applications such as data acquisition and automation. Her current research interests include sensory perception, spatial referencing interfaces, human-robot interaction, sensor networks for eldercare, and preventative screening tools. In 2006, Dr. Skubic established the Center for Eldercare and Rehabilitation Technology at the University of Missouri and serves as the Center Director for this interdisciplinary team. The center's work supports proactive models of healthcare such as monitoring systems that noninvasively track the physical and cognitive health of elderly residents in their homes and generate alerts that flag health changes. Recent work has also investigated automated screening of athletes and pianists to flag injury risks, with support for preventative exercises to reduce the risk.

At Medicine X 2015

Sunday, September 27 11:00 am (Lower Lobby - West)
Intelligent sensor system for early illness alerts in senior housing
Background: Chronic disease management is the biggest health care problem facing the United States today. In 2012, one in two American adults had at least one chronic condition, and 26% of the population... Read more
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