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Page 596 – Stanford Medicine X
Naranbaatar Dashdorj
Onom Foundation

About Me

Dr. Naranbaatar Dashdorj (ND) is a Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board at the Onom Foundation. ND hails from very humble beginnings. He was born and raised at the southwestern outskirt of Mongolia known as Gobi-Altay province, where the Altay Mountains border with the bare rock covered desert basins of the Gobi. Because of the unique upbringing, ND has a profound commitment for making a tangible difference in lives of fellow Mongols. At the same time, he strongly believes that entrepreneurship is the best vehicle for making a difference. 

He started his first successful venture in college, from which he earned enough money to pay for expenses of graduate education in the United States. After completing his graduate studies, ND ventured back into entrepreneurship in 2008, experimenting a model of subsidizing philanthropic actions by a certain percentage of equity and profits of a for-profit company. 

In parallel with entrepreneurial activities, ND pushed the frontiers in scientific arena using ultrafast optical spectroscopy and time-resolved x-ray imaging techniques at the leading scientific institutions including the US National Institutes of Health and Argonne National Laboratory. In fact, ND became a faculty member at the Argonne National Laboratory, one of the U.S. Department of Energy’s largest and oldest national laboratories for science and engineering research in 2010. 

He published nearly 20 original manuscripts in prominent, peer-reviewed scientific journals, such as the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States. These articles are widely referred in scientific literature. In addition, he designed and built several state-of-the-art experimental systems that was used to discover functional kinetics and dynamics in proteins at an unprecedented level. 

Despite his successes in scientific research, he gave up his academic career in 2013 to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams since he truly believed that he can make a tangible difference via entrepreneurship. 

He obtained a Ph.D. in Physics from Purdue University in 2006 and Master of Science in Management from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University in 2014.

At Medicine X 2015

Sunday, September 27 1:20 pm (LK 102)
Hepatitis prevention, control, and elimination program in Mongolia
Defined as the MISSION 2020, the main objectives of the Hepatitis Prevention, Control, and Elimination (HPCE) Program in Mongolia are straightforward yet very ambitious:To eliminate cancer-causing hepatitis... Read more
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