Alan Glaseroff
Co-founder, Stanford Coordinated Care Clinic

About Me

Dr. Alan Glaseroff is Co-Director of Stanford Coordinated Care, a service for patients with complex chronic illness. Dr. Glaseroff, a member of the Innovation Brain Trust for the UniteHERE Health, currently serves as faculty for the Institute of Healthcare Improvement’s “Better Care, Lower Cost” collaborative and serves as a a Clinical Advisor to the PBGH “Intensive Outpatient Care Program” CMMI Innovation Grant that completes in June 2015. He served on the NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home Advisory Committee 2009-2010, and the “Let’s Get Healthy California” expert task force in 2012,. Dr. Glaseroff was named the California Family Physician of the Year for 2009.

Dr. Glaseroff’s interests focus on the intersection of the meaning of patient-centered care, patient activation, and the key role of self-management within the context of chronic conditions.

At Medicine X 2015

Thursday, September 24 1:10 pm (Deck A)
Design Thinking for Chronic Condition Patient Engagement
Dennis Boyle, Dr. Ann Lindsay, Dr. Alan Glaseroff and Sara Riggare will team up for a 3-hour mini workshop that is based on the teaching and research that we are doing.Dennis, Ann and Alan have worked... Read more
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