Michael Golway
CEO, Advanced Solutions

About Me

American entrepreneur, engineer and inventor. In November 2000, at the age of 31, Michael acquired his first technology company, IDS Engineering. The company had 2 employees with a focused business model of workflow consulting services. Today he is President & CEO of Advanced Solutions, Inc., which is a privately held company he acquired in November 2004, and parent company to an aggregate of technology businesses, including IDS Engineering. Michael’s passion is building and acquiring great technology companies, while growing market share through value innovation. He is the lead inventor for the integrated solution of BioAssemblyBot® and TSIM™, a 6-Axis Robotic 3D Printing System for Human Tissue Structures. Michael has over two decades of experience leading multi-disciplined engineering, consulting and technology firms.

At Medicine X 2015

Saturday, September 26 8:40 am (Plenary Hall)
MedXMakers and 3D Printing
Saturday, September 26 4:30 pm (LK 120)
3D Print-Powered Patient Engagement & Precision: Tomorrow's practice of medicine breaking ground today
Grasp the ever-advancing practices of additive manufacturing in medicine... from empowering patients and doctors with greater visualization abilities in diagnostics to custom surgical models and life-saving... Read more
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