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Sarah Kugler Powers
The Exception and The Rule

About Me

Sarah Kugler Powers is the author of The Exception and The Rule (Lucky Bat Books, 2015), a detailed account of her cancer treatment. Her story spans a three-year period and includes content derived from Sarah’s meticulous and detailed records. Sarah Kugler Powers takes the reader through her personal experience with cancer and affords the reader the opportunity to experience first-hand what it truly is to be stage IV. Sarah Kugler Powers is an accomplished academic scholar, holding multiple degrees in sociology, political science, and economics. In 2008, Sarah was awarded one of two academic research positions to begin working with the international economic consulting firm, Public and Corporate Economic Consultants at the University of Cambridge, UK. In 2009, Sarah returned to the United States where she took a position with the international business management consultancy firm, Turner & Townsend. In 2011, Sarah began her legal studies at the University of Connecticut School of Law and was diagnosed with stage IV cancer shortly after. In December 2011, at the age of twenty-four, Sarah Kugler Powers was diagnosed with high-risk advanced unfavorable stageIVBX Hodgkin lymphoma, which was refractory to front-line ABVD chemotherapy. The aggressiveness of Sarah’s cancer required implementing the highly toxic German chemotherapy regimen escalated BEACOPP, as well as a third high dose chemotherapy regimen. On September 3rd, 2012, Sarah received a bone marrow transplant at Stanford Medical Center, followed by a high-dose targeted radiation treatment plan. Following her cancer treatment in 2013, Sarah continued her legal education at the Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law in Dallas, Texas. Shortly after beginning at the Dedman School of Law, Sarah joined the prominent Texas law firm Prospere & Russell, a private criminal defense firm.

At Medicine X 2015

Sunday, September 27 9:55 am (Lower Lobby - West)
Technological Collaboration and Knowledge Frameworks: Changing the Cancer Landscape
All knowledge is some form of information, however not all information is knowledge. It is important that patients are equipped with the proper resources and tools in order to distinguish between what... Read more
Sunday, September 18 9:15 am (LK 130)
The language of disease and its effects on relationships
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