Sarah Stein Greenberg
Executive Director, Stanford

About Me

Since 2010 Sarah Stein Greenberg has helped lead the, an interdisciplinary institute at Stanford that nurtures innovators and spreads design thinking. Previously, she worked in the innovation practice of Monitor Group in the US and India and advised multinational companies on developing innovation capabilities. Her background includes developing new products and services in a number of emerging markets in Asia and Africa.

In the classroom Sarah likes to experiment at the intersection of design thinking and social impact. She has co-taught the’s foundational class Design Thinking Bootcamp, and its high-impact course on design for the developing world, Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability. She currently teaches course called Design Thinking for Public Policy Innovators, and helps the teaching community experiment with format and content through "pop-up" classes.

Sarah spearheaded the’s exploration of the future of undergraduate learning at Stanford, resulting in innovative and radical ideas about the form and nature of college entitled “Stanford 2025.” She has spoken about this project at universities and conferences around the world.

Sarah holds an MBA from Stanford University and a BA in History from Oberlin College. Among other pursuits she spends her free time scuba diving, displaying the embarrassing level of enthusiasm that only an amateur can.

At Medicine X 2015

Thursday, September 24 8:10 am (QCCA)
Opening Keynote
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