Mark Freeman
ePatient Scholar

About Me

I struggled with OCD, depression and related anxiety and addiction issues for more than a decade before finding my way to recovery. I now focus on helping others find their own path to mental health and wellbeing. I co-founded the Everybody has a Brain online mental health community, which uses art, video, and personal stories to promote a proactive, preventative approach to maintaining and improving mental health. I also write books, create how-to videos that support people through the process of recovery, and facilitate mindfulness training workshops. I have worked as a design thinking workshop facilitator for over five years and much of the tools I develop for making complex health changes are adapted from the same tools that help organizations make complex changes.  

I’m passionate about shifting the prevailing view of mental health care from an illness-first approach, to a health-first approach that recognizes everybody has a brain, so everybody has varying levels of mental health that are affected by the decisions we make every day.

At Medicine X 2015

Saturday, September 17 3:10 pm (LK 120)
Design thinking tools to support behavioral therapy for mental illnesses
The process of recovering from a mental illness and succeeding with behavioral therapy requires a patient to make major life changes. It is a complex process of personal health innovation. But this innovation... Read more
Sunday, September 18 1:30 pm (LK 101)
Ah-Ha! moments in mental health and chronic disease management
Mental health and chronic disease management are often interwoven topics in science. But what about the human side of the story? Whether or not individuals meet the diagnostic criteria for mental diagnoses,... Read more
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