Utkarsh Tandon
Founder and CEO

About Me

Utkarsh Tandon is the Founder and CEO of OneRing, an intelligent tool for monitoring Parkinson’s Disease. His creation – a wearable ring, captures movement data from a patient in order to algorithmically identify Parkinson’s movement patterns and classify its severity on a daily basis.

After volunteering at a local Parkinson’s institute over his summer break, Utkarsh decided to build his own company at the age of 15 in order to improve the daily life of a Parkinson’s patient. Since then he has been working on the signal processing and machine learning algorithms to generate smart patient reports that can easily be read by a physician in order to better prescribe PD medications.

Overall, Utkarsh has a strong passion in building products to help the people around him, especially in medical applications. He looks to bring OneRing to Parkinson’s patients all around the world in hopes of suppressing the condition’s rapid progression.

At Medicine X 2015

Saturday, September 17 3:20 pm (Upper Lobby)
OneRing: automated Parkinson's disease stage classification through random forest learning ensembles - an intelligent wearable ring for monitoring motor symptom progression
This interdisciplinary study develops a wearable ring to automatically classify the stage and severity of Parkinson’s disease through novel machine-learning based signal-processing. The algorithms presented... Read more
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