Brian Loew
CEO, Inspire

About Me

Brian Loew created Inspire with the goal of improving patient engagement through the creation of a trusted, health-focused social network. Today, Inspire's 85 health association partners and over 360,000 members provide fertile ground for medical research, patient insight and health advocacy.

Brian believes that patient contributions to medical progress have been historically undervalued, and great progress may result from fully valuing contributions to medical research derived from the active involvement of patients.

At Medicine X 2015

Saturday, September 26 5:30 pm (Plenary Hall)
Patient experience: the first billion words
Saturday, September 17 10:10 am (LK 101)
Patient-centric social media for outcomes and pharmacovigilance considerations: the time has come
Patients and caregivers use social media to share health and medication experiences, as well as to seek advice and support. Health care providers are increasingly turning to social media (Doximity, Sermo),... Read more
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