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Anderson, MD, M.Arch, is a licensed architect (Order of Architects of Quebec,
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Member) and a physician trained in
Internal Medicine (Columbia University Medical Center/New York-Presbyterian
Hospital). Dr. Anderson is a past recipient of the AIA Arthur Tuttle Jr.
Graduate Fellowship in Health Facility Planning and Design, the Tradewell
Fellowship in healthcare design awarded by WHR Architects in Houston, Texas and
the immediate Past Chair of the Society of Critical Care Medicine’s ICU Design
Committee. As a "dochitect"
, Dr. Anderson combines educational and
professional experience in both medicine and architecture, in order to truly
understand the patient, visitor and clinical staff experience within the
healthcare environment. She has worked on hospital design projects within the
United States, Canada and Australia, specializing in medical planning of
inpatient units, specifically intensive care environments. Dr. Anderson is
currently a Medical Planner at Stantec Architecture in New York City.



At Medicine X 2015

Sunday, September 18 1:30 pm (Upper Lobby)
Architectural design for improved health care delivery
Can architectural design impact healthcare delivery?A 1984 study published in Science changed the way architects design healthcare spaces. View through a window may influence recovery from surgery demonstrated... Read more
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