Courtney Crooks
Georgia Tech Research Institute

About Me

Dr. Courtney Crooks is a Senior Research Scientist at
Georgia Tech Research Institute, and postdoctoral clinical psychology student
with Emory Veterans Program. She completed her doctoral training at the
University of Georgia (2002), in cognitive/experimental psychology, and a
second Masters in Aeronautical Science, Aviation Human Factors, from Embry
Riddle University (2009). She is currently completing postdoctoral training
with Fielding Graduate University, to obtain a re-specialization in Clinical
Psychology. She has worked directly with a broad patient base in the military
and civilian behavioral health settings, providing services and outreach, and
has acquired in-depth knowledge of emerging research in related areas including
post-traumatic stress, behavioral sleep medicine, mindfulness, and deployment
related issues. Currently a Navy Reservist, she previously served five years on
Active Duty as a Naval Aerospace Experimental Psychologist, a specialty which
includes aeromedical and flight training. She has extensive professional
experience in project management, human systems integration, human subjects
research protections, engineering psychology and multiple areas falling under
the behavioral sciences including behavioral health and biopsychology.

At Medicine X 2015

Sunday, September 18 11:00 am (Lower Lobby)
Enhancing the reach of mental health care practice through user-centered mobile toolkits
Civilian and military communities are at significantly high risk for suicidal behavior. While emergency department or inpatient treatment is critical following a suicide attempt, people are still at high... Read more
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