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About Me

Liz Presson leads digital media and community strategy at Oticon Medical, the company pioneering hearing implant technology. Over the last three years, she’s built an online community and digital presence with a following of more than 20,000 passionate community members and advocates. She’s worked with the team at Oticon Medical to empower advocates who act as real-time content creators and inbound marketers for the business. Oticon Medical has received recognition for its digital media initiatives from one of the world’s most admired social media and technology influencers, Guy Kawasaki. Liz’s articles on digital media and technology have been published in Fast Company, Forbes, Mashable, Yahoo and others.

At Medicine X 2015

Sunday, September 18 11:20 am (LK 120)
Creating movement in a health care organization through patient mobilization
ePatient Sarah Kucharski summed up a core theme of last year’s Medicine X when she chanted, “I command changes in corporate philosophy that facilitate collaboration between pharma and patients. See... Read more
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