Satyan Chari
Metro North Hospital and Health Service ; Northeastern HSyE

About Me

Satyan is a clinician, and until recently coordinated the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital fall prevention program, while pursuing a concurrent research fellowship investigating hospital physical environments as a target for safety engineering efforts.  Satyan's doctoral work in the area of inpatient falls prevention has led to two cluster randomised controlled trials (one completed and one commencing shortly) and he leads an expanding body of novel interdisciplinary  research in the area of patient safety.
Satyan is currently on a 22 month  scholarship funded program to learn about world leading systems/design based approaches to healthcare improvement,  the first 16 months will be spent at field-leading institutions in the United States.

Satyan is presently a visiting fellow with the Health Systems Engineering Institute (HSyE) in Boston, MA.

At Medicine X 2015

Sunday, September 18 11:20 am (Upper Lobby)
Lighting our way to fewer falls: co-creating a design solution for a randomized controlled trial to improve patient safety
The modern patient safety movement catalyzed a large body clinical intervention research towards finding solutions for the high rates of unintended harm among admitted patients. Almost two decades on,... Read more
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