Andrew Hickl
CEO and President, A.R.O., Inc.

About Me

Andy Hickl is an innovator in machine learning, large-scale data processing, ubiquitous computing, and natural language processing.

He previously served as CEO and Chief Scientist of Language Computer Corporation, a Dallas-based natural language processing company. He was also CEO and co-founder of Swingly, a Web-scale answer engine, and Extractiv, a high-performance content harvesting service.

He now serves as President of A.R.O., Inc., a Seattle-based startup. A.R.O., Inc. builds apps that can help users lead happier, healthier, and generally more amazing lives. It believes mobile apps should be positive forces for change — whether that’s changing one’s own habits or taking small steps to make the world a better place to hang out in for a while.

At Medicine X 2015

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