Rebecca Stoeckle
Edu. Development Ctr

About Me

Rebecca Jackson Stoeckle is a vice president within EDC’s
Health and Human Development Division, where she directs initiatives in health
and technology. Her primary focus is the intersection between innovation and
impact in the use of technology to reach specific audiences, especially those
facing health disparities or challenges with language, literacy, or health
literacy. Additionally, she works with colleagues across EDC to develop and
deploy emerging methodologies to measure the impact of digital solutions to
health challenges.


Ms. Stoeckle’s interventions have reached diverse audiences,
including veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq, staff in community
agencies serving populations at high risk for HIV, and community health workers
in developing countries. Her projects have received national recognition and
awards for excellence in innovation and sustainable systems change.

Ms. Stoeckle  is a
graduate of Stanford University and was a Sage Fellow at Cornell University.

At Medicine X 2015

Sunday, September 18 2:10 pm (Plenary Hall)
Long term HIV survivors: sharing hard truths
Approximately 25% of the 1.2 million US citizens living with HIV are 55 and older (CDC, 2011); many of these are long-term survivors, commonly defined as having lived for 25 years or more since their original... Read more
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