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Dr. Rosner is a 10-year veteran of healthcare innovation, a practicing hospital-based physician, the holder of

two engineering degrees, and multiple patents. As CMIO of HealthLoop, he is leading the way in redesigning

healthcare delivery in the digitally connected era. He is actively involved in research and clinical trials, and has

a publication track record in the peer reviewed literature. A practicing Hospitalist at Kaiser Permanente, Dr.

Rosner brings hands-on expertise to innovation in Health IT, health policy, patient engagement, and payment

reform. Previously a Medical Director for Archimedes Inc., a nationally renowned healthcare modeling

company, Dr. Rosner has worked with Washington D.C. policy makers, national thought leaders in voluntary

health organizations, leading researchers at academic medical centers, and both major and minor healthcare

systems. He often presents at venues on technology in healthcare, and has been an invited speaker on

national platforms including the Centers for Disease Control, Kaiser Permanente’s Innovation Center,

FutureMed, and digital health conferences. Dr. Rosner specializes in bringing technology and insights from the

fields of engineering and mathematics to medical care and patient engagement. He also has a long standing

background in ethnobotany, and has served at Kaiser Permanente on the Complimentary and Alternative

Medicine Committee.

At Medicine X 2015

Saturday, September 17 10:30 am (LK 120)
How to instantiate digital empathy
Empathy is when you can put yourself in someone else’s shoes and feel what they feel. Carl Rogers, an influential American psychologist said, “When empathy is extended, it satisfies our needs and wish... Read more
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