eHealth in the field of pediatrics

Danielle Edges


I believe that pediatrics is a special field of medicine. Discussions need to occur on how we can make it easier for parents and caregivers of medically complex children communicate with their child's medical providers. Be it email, patient portal, and the like, it is a discussion that needs to occur. How quickly should providers respond? There is many questions as to how this can be achieved. 
Also discussions on parent engagement in the process of care for these children is a very important topic that can be discussed. How should parents feel about researching their child's condition and shouldn't they be comfortable discussing these findings with their child's medical providers? How can we begin the idea of "Parents as Partners", in this field of medicine. 
Discussions of second and perhaps third opinions should also be a topic that can be discussed. 
A discussion on how families who are strict medicaid insurance families can get these second and third opinions is also a wonderful topic. Often times families who have only medicaid as insurance get "stuck" in a facility that is not improving outcomes for complex patients, and those families should have the right to be able to choose care at any facility. 
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