-- a better way to do information processing in healthcare.

James Rutherford


The first objective or mission of is to be a better way of doing information processing in healthcare for patients, students, and physicians with a global perspective. That is, the first objective is to provide the best health care directory as a useful service. is part of which is a general internet directory with a network of over 600 websites and the long term business objective is to be one of the top 3 or 4 “go to” alternatives to the search engines. is a curated (hand selected) open access (free) internet directory for healthcare.  The problem is now not one of access to information, but one of information overload and selection. selects and aggregates what it considers to be the best Top 20 free internet resources for health care and then for 36 medical specialties and also selected diagnoses within those specialties, such as top20diverticulitis.  We also highlight and star the top 4 recommendations as the place to start. There are several other unique parts of the websites:

   1. The websites are in a database that is designed for touch screens and specifically the iPad and the mini iPad.  No typing is required.

   2. We include, as an alternative, a unique healthcare metasearch engine. This is a single source for using 7 health search engines, 7 general search engines, and searches for images, videos, news, and blogs.

   3. We also have an App directory for and each of the 36 subspecialties.

   4. The aggregation also includes links for asking questions, finding a doctor, and translation services.  There is also a navigation guide that provides original information.


The business model would be based on the entire network of over 600+ websites with affiliate relationships, sponsors, and targeted advertising.  We do not have to gather information on users as the websites themselves are targeted to a particular topic.  The business plan is to completely update and build out and then we will begin marketing in August 2015.  This will be followed by the marketing and then eventually the other categories in the network.  Success will depend on the number of visitors who use as a home page and as a reference. 

I am an orthopedic surgeon and do not have any particular expertise in marketing or enterprise development.  I would thus like to partner with someone or another company that can provide those skills.  This should however, be someone who also has some enthusiasm about our areas of focus on healthcare, education. 

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