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Edward Shin


Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook...there are myriad ways for consumers to provide feedback on goods and services, however, in healthcare, these same social media sites do not provide healthcare providers with meaningful, actionable data so that they can actually respond to patients' feedback.  Enter RateMyHospital® (  With RateMyHospital®, we set up an ADT (admission, discharge, transfer) feed with the hospital.  We are notified when a patient is discharged from the inpatient setting or checks out of the outpatient practice and text that patient a HIPAA-secure link to a patient satisfaction survey on their smartphone.  This consumer-friendly survey is based on a 5-star rating scale and takes less than a minute to fill out.  All the patient feedback is aggregated and displayed in real-time on a web-based patient experience dashboard where administrators and clinicians alike can view and analyze patient feedback in real-time.  All patient feedback is made available to authorized users at the hospital or outpatient practice only – at no time are the data made available to the public.  In so doing, hospital leadership can improve the delivery of care, in real-time.  We will review Mount Sinai Health System's use of RateMyHospital® patient feedback data in improving workflow and engaging patients. 

Since the July 2013 implementation at Mount Sinai Health System, RateMyHospital has become the go-to source of real-time patient satisfaction data. Front-line administrators, C-level executives, clinicians, and data-crunching service excellence executives have been using our patient satisfaction data to improve the patient experience. E.g. all six system ED's have been using RMH data to improve cleanliness by setting up real-time alerts for cleanliness scores on RMH. Whenever, the cleanliness feedback dips, the administrators are alerted via RMH, and housekeeping is dispatched in a matter of minutes thus improving the experience for subsequent patients that very day. In addition, the senior ED leadership is using RMH data to benchmark and compare the six EDs to ensure a high-quality, consistent level of service is maintained throughout all emergency departments. In addition, since implementing RMH, the scores for 'likelihood to recommend' have all trended higher. In the outpatient cancer center at Mount Sinai Health System (launched in July 2013), the scores for 'likelhood to recommend' have increased because the administrators called those patients who provided negative feedback and addressed their concerns immediately. This improved communication, patient engagement and enabled real-time service recovery. On the dashboard, we have built a patient relationship management (PRM) function that gives administrators tools to track and document the service recovery process. This PRM is the first CRM tool for healthcare of its kind, and when used on a regular basis, the PRM aspect of RateMyHospital clearly helps improve patient satisfaction scores over time.  

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