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Odie Fakhouri


LabCures was founded in November 2013 in San Francisco's Bay Area. Our mission is to organize U.S. research labs in the health sciences to one website and make them universally accessible to the world. LabCures is taking the scientific enterprise online and empowering people to find, fund, and share current disease research that matters to them - direct to the lab. Our vision is to be the leading communication and funding platform between the crowd and health science research. As a spin-off company of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, our model carries the input of hundreds of members of the research sector. Since inception, we have generated interest from the leading research labs from the most prevalent institutions in the Bay area.  

In 2013, people gave more than $335 billion (2% of GDP) to charitable organizations in the U.S. And every year since 2002, more people have given online than offline. In less than a decade, funding from the crowd is expected to surpass venture capital funding. The message is clear; more than ever peple are making giving a priority and they're choosing to do it online. While people donated over $30 billion to support research in 2013, merely 18% of these dollars came through online channels from individual donors. This is because there is no efficient, transparent, personal, and easy way for the average person to find and fund disease research. 

Right now, health science research is fragmented and hard to find, and labs are in desperate need of funding.Finding a research lab to support is a daunting task. Content is spread across thousands of academic websites geared towards Ph.D.s and M.D.s, not the layperson. 

The second option for mid-market donors is to join a fundraiser, such as a charity walkathon, usually sponsored by a third-party foundation. These events, while successful in raising funds and demonstrating interest, carry a lot of overhead, require a big time investment for all involved, and do very little to connect participants with the research that got them there in the first place.

That's why we created LabCures – to empower people to discover and directly join forces with verified U.S. labs doing research that matters to them. People begin to connect more deeply with research – by actually seeing scientists at work, putting a face to the process, learning their names, and hearing their stories.  It becomes about people helping people who have dedicated their life’s work to change the fate of humanity. Everyone becomes part of the conversation. By not being crowd-SOURCED, we are building unique content of experts to the internet, providing total validation of non-profits, and creating a back-end marketplace of institutions. The development offices at every research institution become an industry-built sales for LabCures, who now have a suite of inexpensive fundraising tools to cater the crowd. LabCures will make fundraising smarter by tracking and targeting donor activity to connect like minded scientists and vested donors. 

We believe when the world values science and celebrates scientists, it's a better world. 

Everyone benefits.

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