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Engaged patients are willing and able to self-manage and self-advocate. Engaged patients also have better outcome and cost less. To improve engagement it is important to have patients properly informed and motivated, especially for those living with chronic illnesses. Dr.Google is helpful, but it is not the ideal tool for long term engagement as many don’t have time, expertise or interest to sift through information. A tool which can bring personalized and trusted information to patients and caregivers and make connections among them may have better chance to improve engagement.

WiggleMed is a software solution being developed by WiggleMed LLC, a Minnesota startup. WiggleMed’s goal is to bring right information to patients and caregivers to keep them engaged, informed and connected. WiggleMed aggregates contents by encouraging users to submit valuable information to WiggleMed via social networks, web-browser extension or directly on WiggleMed.com. WiggleMed also want users to curate articles by adding meaningful tags to make information more organized and searchable. WiggleMed let users with similar interests to create their own community and customize information for the community. At the meantime, users are also able to personalize information to meet their individual needs.

WiggleMed is designed to promote patient engagement through participation. Patients want to be engaged. By creating the technology platform to enable content crowdsourcing and crowd-curation, WiggleMed makes it extremely easy for users to participate and to be engaged. Sharing an article via Twitter or adding a tag to an article may only take one user a few seconds, but collectively it will help the patient community gather all relevant and important information.  In this process, both the patient community and the individuals can be engaged.

WiggleMed is designed to keep individual users informed by bringing personalized information to them. Users won’t have to start with search engine anymore. Rather, users simply decide what information they need by using keywords and apply simple logic. WiggleMed’s proprietary algorithm will prioritize content according to various metrics such as the credibility of the source, the popularity among users with similar interests etc. Because the contents are submitted and curated by users , the quality and relevancy are assured. WiggleMed shows the most important information that matters.

WiggleMed is also designed to promote meaningful connections among users. If a good number of patients are engaged in content crowdsourcing and curation, WiggleMed will have the opportunity to study users’ interests and suggest connections between users. For example, patients with the same condition and the same clinical stage may have similar interests and behaviors and will benefit significantly if get connected. Once patients are connected to each other, they will be more engaged.

Patient centered care demands patient-centered innovation. WiggleMed’s patient-centered solution is designed to engage, inform and connect patients and caregivers. By mobilizing and empowering patients, the least utilized resource in healthcare, we can transform healthcare.
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