Does your patient shred the gnar? A new approach to precision medicine, putting the power of science in the hands of patients

Martin Naley


The potential of precision medicine is tantalizing.  We see news about technologies, tests, and new therapies every day.  When people receive a cancer diagnosis, however, they are stunned that the power of personalized medicine is just out of reach.  This insight led us to develop a new company, Cure Forward, a website that helps patients play a more active role in care planning through effective access to, and use of, their molecular profiling test data.  We envision a future where patients will be able to work with their doctor to find a test, receive their test results electronically, and put them to purposeful use, including finding trials trials through a multi-sided marketplace.  In this talk, we will describe the Cure Forward product and the story and philosophy behind it.  At this three-month inflection point, we’ll also describe what is happening in this new community.  We’ll share data and insights on participation by patients and clinical trial recruiters, and we’ll candidly assess the success and prospects of the program.  Most of all, we’ll assess whether mobilization of individual consumers is an effective catalyst for widespread adoption of genomics in cancer care and increased patient participation in clinical research.

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