Innovation on x-ray devices

Aytac Durmaz


Advanced technology on various industries are helping us to develop better x-ray systems for usage. We are developing innovative x-ray devices to use.

We have a core team of 4, and we have 2 patents on hold up to now, which will be 4 in the end of this year.  We are developing new generation x-ray systems with lower dose, tremendously improved imaging abilities, with easy usage and low cost. 

 Our medical direct x-ray system has many features depending on our core platform technology SyncBox (patented); about multiple energy x-ray; which helps us to observe soft tissues on x-ray like never happened before; also with various developments we are trying to provide functional data acquisition, and able to observe complex tissue degenerations such as meniscus, hernia. By able to provide this information we are aiming to reduce MRI and CT usage  ,and support the health system with better, cheaper and faster diagnostics. 

 Our innovative technology  based on system optimization, image processing, and controlling all the hardware and software through out a single platform (SyncBox).

 SyncBox is a hardware platform comes with supported with a wide software libraries and GUI. It controls each item inside an x-ray machine (generator, detector, UI, workstation, AEC etc.) and control all the aspects of the devices from one central unit, with very high precision. This helps us to optimize the system components, reduce the dose, and able to focus on the energy levels for the tissues that we like to visualize. We can able to provide more details about this process.  

 We were able to complete the clinical trials with this product, which we have worked with around 3000 patients,  our first academic paper is on submission about improving the diagnostics ability around chest especially worked with trachea, heart borders, vertebra , and fissures.

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