Flipping the clinical trial - patient paradigm

Thomas Krohn tak@trialreach.com


While a minority of patients consider clinical trials as part of their treatment options, clinicaltrials.gov receives >112 million pageviews per month.  Almost half of them are patients or their caregivers.  Yet clinical trials struggle to find patients and many trials do not complete.  
Trial sponsors try many avenues and approaches to reach patients for THEIR trial.  But patients are not looking for a particular trial - they are looking for the right trial for them.  We need to flip the paradigm.  Patients need and deserve more.
By thinking of the patient first, we need to help them quickly and easily find the studies that meet their needs.  This needs to be done at large scale , not as a one-off, trial-specific program.  TrialReach is doing just this.  
I will share the approach, why it makes sense for all stakeholders (patients, hospitals, sponsors) and how patients and entrepreneurs can leverage the public service.  Just as other industries (airlines, hotels, geospatial, etc...) have been transformed by consistent, structured information made available through open APIs, TrialReach will transform how patients engage in clinical trials.
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