Personalized health benefits: the future of health care

Derek Newell


The rise of mobile technology and digital health has created an opportunity for employers to offer personalized, dynamic benefits designs that maximize employee health and minimize health care costs. Jiff creates simple, unique experiences that reward employees for making healthy choices. Through the platform, employees can choose to use their own consumer tracking devices and mobile apps, or ones issued by their companies, to participate and earn rewards. 

Using examples from well-known companies, Jiff CEO Derek Newell will demonstrate how its real-time data collection on a wide range of employee health metrics can help employers measure the results of their employee health programs and prove their value with real financial savings. These measurable savings include company health care expenditures and a reduction in employee health care premiums.

Large employers can optimize their incentive structure based on the key drivers of their health care costs. Employers can provide employees with choice – choice of wearable device and choice of health regimen – to build an employee health program that maximized results.

The session will be focused on how employers can gather and use employee health data to help ensure the success of their employee health program. Using 12 months of results, Derek will demonstrate how to test various types of employee engagement programs, and learn what is working. The presentation will show how a program adapts over the course of a year to optimize measurable outcomes and produce measurable health care savings. 

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