The genomic journey to personalized medicine

David Shaywitz


President Obama kicked off 2015 with the Precision Medicine Initiative outlining a vision of data-driven science to improve health outcomes.  Over the past few years, we have witnessed breakthroughs in the mapping of the human genome, which kickstarted this genomic journey to personalized medicine. We continue to blaze new trails as healthcare providers, businesses, consumers and the government all play critical roles in the era of medical discovery. Technology has been a key driver to medical advances in key fields such as biopharma, wearables and diagnostic-testing, and will be a key component to the overall success of the president’s initiative.
Genetically-defined therapies have shown some success over the years, in oncology and cystic fibrosis for example, but what will be required for targeted therapies to become the norm in modern medicine? The simple answer to a complex undertaking is a combination of collecting, integrating and analyzing a range of data types – no small task, and one that is ripe for innovation with technology.  
Dr. David Shaywitz (, an author and expert on innovation, healthcare and digital health, will discuss the business and technical milestones, opportunities and roadblocks for genomics and personalized medicine, such as:
·      Collecting genotypic and phenotypic data
·      Interoperability and integration of data
·      Storing, analyzing and measuring of data
·      Public, private sector collaboration

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