New ways to address mobile health issues: smart mobile health platforms

Tatyana Kanzaveli


Every healthcare organization is aware of patients using mobile devices to manage their diseases/treatments, search for information and discuss their conditions. To address this healthcare organization started developing their own mobile applications. However custom developed applications have the following issues:
- high development costs;
- slow to market;
- high support costs;
- inability to quickly respond to changes in fast moving mobile space;
- overload of mobile applications for patients - in many cases patients have to install more than 5 applications to manage one disease;
- mobile applications are not personalized to each patients' needs resulting in overload of irrelevant information.
These are some of the reasons that dictate a different approach to mobile applications development strategies.
What are the alternatives?
New technologies are emerging in smart mobile health platform space that act as a consolidation layer that not only give a choice of highly customized plug and play modules but also provide intelligence to personalize content delivery. They also enable consolidation of all patient-relevant information under one roof by integrating with existing systems, applications, content and device data.
I'd like to demo one of these new players in smart mobile health platform space: Open Health Network - and show how organizations like McGill, Bonnie Addario Lung Cancer Foundation were able to custom build their mobile applications that run on any mobile device in any language within a week without coding. 

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