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Our healthcare system is undergoing a major technology revolution. So many truly amazing innovations are now available through this new technology. But if we are honest, the impact on patients and doctors often falls FAR short of the promises being made. The bottleneck is often the user experience of the digital tools being offered—many of which inspire resentment, avoidance and at best, indifference.  The mantra underlying this this talk is “Technology as the enabler; Design is the engager”.

From my experience working in the healthcare domain, I have seen time and again that when designers get involved, some magical things can happen. We start to create products and services that really matter to people. Patients get engaged in their health. Doctors get engaged in their offerings.

This presentation will include inspiring case studies of what good design looks like in healthcare. The examples will be drawn from health and wellness projects from my time at IDEO as well as population health tools from my time at Healthagen.  In one case study, we shadow a typical day-in-the-life of a nurse case manager as she navigates a heavy caseload of patients through the use of a computer which until recently was a foreign language in her career.  In another case study, we empathize with the experiences of new parents who’s newborn child is in the NICU, and we explore how to shape a digital tool that best fits their needs.

Join me, in creating a new wave of healthcare that is engaging, delightful and impactful.

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