Using Creation Pinpoint® for online market research, to transform your communications strategy.

Paul Grant


Creation Pinpoint® is the first service dedicated to providing business intelligence and competitive insights from live conversation among healthcare professionals in public social media channels. This unrivaled service is built on proprietary technology that is currently monitoring more than 150,000 influential healthcare professional social media sources and profiles among a wider index of over half a million healthcare professional profiles. Launched in 2013 by Creation Healthcare in London, UK, the service is now used to inform the strategies of more than half the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies as well as NGOs including the World Health Organization. 

In this presentation, Paul Grant will share how insights obtained through the service are shaping and informing strategies throughout the healthcare industry, and more generally influencing the provision of medical information in traditional offline and online activities.

After setting up a rationale on why it is important that healthcare professionals are discussing clinical matters online, the presentation will give practical examples and case studies of the educational benefits for any team looking to deliver value to healthcare professionals as a customer group.
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