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Dr. Mehdi Bouricha


In the face of the mounting pressures on healthcare systems in all countries, new solutions are urgently needed. Governments in developing countries will be unable to continue to deliver quality services to all of their citizens with existing resources and traditional methods.

We propose through a new kind of business models to increase the quality of African HealthCare systems, by offering a free Big Data Health platform, able to collect genes, Behavioral data and health data, and process it with Machine Learning algorithms that can search and discover, behind patterns.

Our Business Model is built on Doctors in Developed countries paying Platform utilization fees for Emerging countries MD’s.

The Platform is structured in three parts:

•       A Patient Relationship Management solution for Physicians,  who can improve Patient Satisfaction and loyalty through a Patient Centric approach of Medicine.

•       An encrypted medical social network where Physicians can Connect, discuss with their peers, present their toughest cases to colleagues, collaborate with other Medical Specialist and share their knowledge and experience.

•       A Highly Secure and Scalable Big Data Health Platform, designed for Medical Researchers. Where Physicians can play with  anonymized Health data, MRT, fMRI, Genes, discover behind patterns and improve Patient treatment.

The Outcomes of our platform in the HealthCare system are huge. Collaboration between MD’s from developed countries and developing countries can increase radically healthcare quality. The Patient Relationship Management can increase patient engagement and physicians revenue; and the Big Data Health Platform will radically improve medical discovery in all medical fields.

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