How to streamline your doctor visit

Emily Lu
Darla Brown


Doctors are limited to only 15 minutes per patient. Patients feel they are not listened to. Important symptoms are missed, errors occur, and health care quality suffers. In the absence of a miracle – creating more time – what can patients and doctors do to make the 15 minute visit more worthwhile?

Inspired by the empowered patient movement and informed by the principles of primary care medicine, we will present our strategies for making the most of the 15-minute visit. We will review both the patient and providers perspectives, their hopes and frustrations that lead to the break-down in communication, and how we can bring them both together. We will discuss strategies that can work in any clinic to improve communication - agenda-setting, appointment scheduling, preparation. We will also highlight new technologies and innovations that are “flipping the clinic” and making a shared patient-provider partnership more possible, such as the patient-centered medical home and Intake.Me software.

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