Design for patient autonomy

Leslie Ruckman
Jakob Boije


We’ve all heard a lot about “patient engagement” but what value is it really providing to patients? Is it really about engagement when in the end, patients don’t care what you call it, they just want the ability to be more autonomous in their care?  
Through our workshop we would like to explore the following questions/topic areas: 
How can we design for autonomy- what does it look, feel, behave like? How do we find the balance between dependence and independence? What can we learn from those who are bending the system to achieve this now? What systems can be created to support them? What’s missing altogether? How can we speed the spread of best practices? 

In this workshop we’ll work together with e-Patients who will co-facilitate this session to help us think and create around these topic areas.
Our e-Patient co-facilitators will kick-off the workshop ahead of time by asking their communities to give examples of where the healthcare system has failed to give them autonomy and workarounds they’ve used to have more autonomy. We’ll use these learnings to jumpstart the workshop then open up the floor to our participants to hear about personal experiences they’re willing to share. From this we’ll build a picture of the current landscape of challenges and opportunities to design for autonomy.
Using this landscape we’ll split into smaller groups to discuss and design a future where people can be more autonomous in their care.
Veryday will come prepared with tools from the future to spark thinking and help you dodge the “reality is” boulder.
At the end of the workshop we’ll have created a set of aspirations and future products, services, and systems that can be used to tell stories for how the healthcare system will support patients to be more autonomous in their care. These stories will be shared with a panel of key industry thinkers to discuss with us how these ideas can become a reality (possible panelists: doctors, startups, policy makers, insurance payers, investors, etc.)
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