CanSurround: co-creating with ePatients at the intersection of cancer, mental health, and technology.

Liza Bernstein
Meg Maley
Matt Dudley


What does a truly patient-centered, digital health startup company look like? How does such a company find an ePatient Advisor? Is it really possible to co-design with patients?

This session will provide answers to those questions and more.

An ePatient and a patient-centered app meet in the #MedX tweetstream, and the rest is co-design history:

As is often the case these days, it all started with Twitter. At Medicine X 2014, Liza Bernstein's remarks in contribution to Ann Becker Schutte’s panel about mental health were tweeted by Rachel Crooks and seen by Jon Brilliant, Chief Financial Officer of CanSurround, a fledgling startup at the intersection of mental health, oncology and technology.

@jabrilliant RT @rachelcrooks_: Mental health looks invisible, but it’s not - mental and physical health are intertwined @itsthebunk #MedX  10:57 AM - 7 Sep 2014”

Jon who was following Medicine X from the East Coast sent her a tweet:

@jabrilliant @itsthebunk, I would like to share with what we are doing at  if you have some time.  Perhaps you can send me a DM. 11:46 AM - 7 Sep 2014

DMs were exchanged, and a period of intense mutual due diligence began via conference calls, emails, and finally an in person meeting between Liza and CanSurround’s CEO and Medical Advisor, Meg Maley and Suzanne Clough, respectively. The in-person meeting sealed the realization that there was a meeting of the minds and hearts and she was invited to join the CanSurround team as an ePatient advisor to represent the patient voice, aid in creating a future ePatient advisory board, and co-design and co-create with the team.

In this session, our goals are:

  1. Present CanSurround—an offering at the intersection of mental health and technology—to the Medicine X audience.

  2. Discuss the reasons for engaging an ePatient advisor. Is this something any company in healthcare can and should do? What are the pros and cons and frame of mind required by the company?

  3. Discuss the reasons for wishing to become a particular company’s ePatient advisor: are some companies better suited to that relationship than others? How might some issues unique to ePatients (fatigue, other symptoms) affect their work, and how might they and the companies work around/through these issues together

  4. Engage in a co-design panel discussion about CanSurround’s features with Medicine X ePatients with a cancer diagnosis (Matt Dudley; others TBD, pending announcement of final list of delegates) - this discussion will be an authentic exchange of critiques and ideas and will model for the Medicine X audience the kind of open exchange and dialogue that co-design requires.
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