Behavioral health and technology innovation: how data-driven solutions are expanding access to mental healthcare and changing patient behavior

Jennifer Schneider


Whether due to perceived stigma, lack of information, or lack of easy access to high quality, affordable care options, unaddressed or undiagnosed cases of mental illness are a pervasive issue today in both the US and on a global scale. In this country alone, according to the American Psychiatric Association (APA), approximately 50 million Americans—or 22 percent of the population—have a mental health problem that is serious enough to interfere with their normal, daily functioning. But despite the crippling effect that mental illness and behavioral health related sickness have on quality of life—and both the indirect and direct costs associated across the healthcare ecosystem—all too often, patients do not seek treatment.

But it no longer has to be this way. Through the use of engaging digital heath tools and technologies, patients can become active participants in their health, easily able to bridge the gap between the care they need and the solutions and options available to them. When new technologies come together intelligibly for users to deliver on the promise of improved access to care, patients are able to seek out personalized information for optimal decision making, assuring they receive the highest quality, most cost-effective mental health treatment available.

How are organizations applying data analytics for targeted patient insights and timely intervention related to mental health illness? And how can employers – who provide health care coverage for approximately 50 percent of the U.S. population—leverage integrated, data-rich solutions to promote health care consumerism, drive out waste, save costs and enable access to care?

From cost savings and efficiency gains, to improved patient access and care delivery, this session will address how engaging information technology can play a critical role in mental health care intervention and treatment, and the ripple effect of benefits across the health care landscape that have never been more critical.  

In this eye-opening MedX talk, attendees will learn how technology is enabling access to affordable, convenient, personalized mental health care–driving down costs and paving the way for a digitally-fueled behavioral health treatment landscape, including:


  • Barriers to mental health access: Breaking down the engagement wall with integrated, data-driven technology  
  • What are the range of solutions available to providers, and how can enterprises evaluate the best fit for maximum impact within their populations?
  • Learning from employer-sponsored healthcare: Using technology to improve decision making across all phases of mental health awareness
  • It starts with engagement: How data analytics and integrated technology platforms driving patient education and awareness for seeking mental health treatment
  • Technology as a game changer for behavioral health awareness and diagnosis: How can data analytics identify mental illness, even before the patient?
  • The cost of underutilization: Why business leaders can no longer afford to not utilize technology for improved care access and mental health awareness (Savings Analysis Modeling – can show this; projections vs. claims based)

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