Avatar-based acute and post-discharge care: results from Pilot Health Tech NYC and Sanford Chamberlain Medical Center

Victor Wang victor@gerijoy.com


GeriJoy's specially-trained remote care team interacts with patients through a capitivating virtual avatar and expert system, providing 24x7 coaching, reporting, and personalized engagement to ensure that care plans are executed correctly and to report patient progress and urgent alerts to clinical managers for better informed interventions.

Pilot Health Tech NYC recently awarded a total of $1 million to a handful of innovative pilot projects, and Pace University, Mount Sinai Queens Hospital, and GeriJoy were selected as award winners, to leverage GeriJoy's patient engagement platform to mitigate delirium in older adult acute care inpatients, as well as to reduce readmissions through post-discharge health coaching. Sanford Chamberlain Medical Center in South Dakota also has a 
Statewide Health Improvement Program grant to reduce cardiac and diabetes related readmissions through GeriJoy's post-discharge patient engagement and coaching program.

 will be presented from these pilot studies and there will be a brief explanation and demonstration of GeriJoy's unique patient engagement and reporting platform.

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